3-D VR models of unborn babies

3-D VR models of unborn babies

People may soon be able to watch their unborn babies grow in realistic 3-D immersive visualizations, thanks to new technology that transforms MRI and ultrasound data into a 3-D virtual reality model of a fetus. MRI provides high-resolution fetal and placental imaging with excellent contrast. It is generally used in fetal evaluation when ultrasound cannot provide sufficiently high-quality images. 

In your own words, machine learning can identify suicidal behavior

Using a person's spoken or written words, new computer tools can identify with great accuracy whether that person is suicidal, mentally ill but not suicidal, or neither. Machine learning is up to 93 percent accurate in correctly classifying a suicidal person and 85 percent accurate in identifying a person who is suicidal, has a mental illness but is not suicidal, or neither.

History of Feminism primary source material digitized

LaunchED 20th September 2016 History of Feminism is the first resource in the Routledge Historical Resources collection from Taylor and Francis. Created with researchers and students in mind this resource provides both overviews and in depth research materials for the global history of feminism.

Petri nets tool wins innovation prize at agriculture conference

A mathematical model that assists in decision-making at a facility devoted to the cultivation and production of the common mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) has received the prize for the best scientific contribution during the 2nd International Food Operations & Processing Simulation Workshop, FoodOPS, held in Larnaca (Cyprus).

Self-learning software could help save the planet

Artificially intelligent computer software that can learn, adapt and rebuild itself in real-time could help combat climate change.

Researchers at Lancaster University’s Data Science Institute have developed a software system that can for the first time rapidly self-assemble into the most efficient form without needing humans to tell it what to do.

House of Jane Cannabis Beverage Company Expands Throughout U.S.

House of Jane, a cannabis-infused beverage company which added THC to caffeinated coffees and teas, now includes hemp derived CBD-infused energy supplements. So marijuana is now in the energy supplement cannabidiol (CBD) market with a time-released B-12 caffeinated energy shot. Cannabidiol is a component of the most common phyto-cannabinoids found in the cannabis-sativa hemp plant.

Supplements. And caffeine. And THC. Welcome to America 2016.

We can now measure how much artificial sweetener is in blood

A recent study measured how much artificial sweetener is absorbed into the blood stream by children and adults after drinking a can of diet soda.

Wind farms are ruining the electricity market

Wind farms are ruining the electricity market

While Australia’s energy market operator continues its investigation into South Australia’s recent state-wide blackout, there are important questions being asked.

For instance, was extreme weather the only cause? Has South Australia replaced fossil fuels with renewables too quickly?

Computers should be able to hold patents

The rapid increase in creative computing is posing new challenges when it comes to patenting an invention. Artificial intelligence is playing an ever larger role in innovation -- with major players such as IBM, Pfizer and Google investing heavily in the field.

CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing paves way for sickle cell cure

A team of physicians and laboratory scientists has taken a key step toward a cure for sickle cell disease, using CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing to fix the mutated gene responsible for the disease in stem cells from the blood of affected patients. For the first time, they have corrected the mutation in a proportion of stem cells that is high enough to produce a substantial benefit in sickle cell patients.