Chemical weapons are still being used in Iraq but the Obama administration doesn't talk about it

Chemical weapons are still being used in Iraq but the Obama administration doesn't talk about it

The group known as Islamic State (IS) reportedly used a sulpur-mustard gas against US troops in Iraq.

Why psychology lost its soul - science replaced it

Why psychology lost its soul - science replaced it

Many people today believe they possess a soul. While conceptions of the soul differ, many would describe it as an “invisible force that appears to animate us”.

Jim Crow internet is pushing back against Black Lives Matter

Jim Crow internet is pushing back against Black Lives Matter

Police killings of African-Americans on social media have become the visual hallmark of our time. This decade will be recalled through blurry cellphone and dash-cam videos of shootings. But how will it be remembered?

Chatelperronian hominins: Disputed Neanderthal region confirmed in France

Chatelperronian hominins: Disputed Neanderthal region confirmed in France

Researchers from the University of York have helped to solve an archaeological dispute - confirming that Neanderthals were responsible for producing tools and artifacts previously argued by some to be exclusively in the realm of modern human cognitive abilities.

Using ancient protein analysis, the team took part in an international research project to confirm the disputed origins of bone fragments in Châtelperron, France.

Molecular atlas of the pancreas

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet have managed to produce the first molecular map of the genes that are active in the various cells of the human pancreas. They have also revealed differences in genetic activity between people with type 2 diabetes and healthy controls. The study, which is published in Cell Metabolism, was conducted in the AstraZeneca and Karolinska Institutet co-run Integrated Cardio Metabolic Centre, and in association with researchers from AstraZeneca.

6 steps to extinction

Invasive plants are a problem around the world, but are they just a nuisance or are they killers? So far there are no documented cases of native plants becoming extinct purely because of an alien plant invasion. However, researchers Paul Downey and David Richardson argue in a paper published this month in AoB PLANTS, 'Alien plant invasions and native plant extinctions: a six-threshold framework', that traditional methods of modelling extinction do not work well for plants. Focusing purely on extinction can distract plant conservationists from growing problems.

Ben & Jerry's: Global warming is changing the flavor of ice cream

Ice cream sellers Ben & Jerry's, which are a division of a giant multinational food conglomerate, seem to have a lot of marketing leeway, because they are claiming global warming is coming for your ice cream freezer.

Many nutrition groups think global warming is the best thing that could happen to their ice cream, with its loads of fat and sugar and implications for diabetes, but they are not selling to those people anyway, they are selling to fat people who like to buy organic, or people who think ice cream is health food if it was made using free-range peanut butter, or something.

Laterality: Finding out about the human mind through stone

Laterality is the preference of human beings for one side of our bodies; being left-handed or right-handed, for example, or having a preference for using one eye or ear or the other. In the view of the geologist and primatologist Eder Domínguez-Ballesteros, "lateralised behaviour in humans may in some way have been reflected in their technological products, in particular, in the things they made. Besides, flint knapping -inherent in our genus since the first stages in its evolution- is an excellent source of information for studying lateralization in humans".

What factors are linked to a more dangerous college environment?

Sexual victimization on college campuses may be more or less likely depending on institutional characteristics of the school such as size, type (public or private), sex ratio, selectivity, and percentage of students involved in Greek life (fraternities and sororities). A new study examining the roles these factors play in the risk of attempted forced intercourse, unwanted sex, and drug- and alcohol-facilitated sexual assault is published in Violence and Gender.

Microbiome forecasting in the ocean

A new mathematical model developed at the University of British Columbia integrates environmental and molecular sequence information to better explain how microbial networks drive nutrient and energy cycling in marine ecosystems.

The work could dramatically improve researchers’ and policy makers’ ability to predict how the world’s marine microbial communities (microbiome) respond to climate change, and resulting impacts on fisheries, biodiversity, climate and more.