Pie Five Pizza now makes cauliflower crust

Pie Five Pizza

If Pie Five Pizza Co. is correct, 2018's miracle vegetable may be cauliflower. They are even making pizza crust from it, touting claims about both taste and health benefits.

The company, which is in the "fast casual" handcrafted pizza space  touts the presence of  Vitamin C, Vitamin K, phytochemicals and anti-inflammatory compounds, they also promote the presence of natural antioxidants and benefits for digestion and even that nonsensical term "detoxification" - hey, they're still a sales company so some artistic license about health is to be expected. Of course, since it's cauliflower they also get to label it gluten-free and even non-GMO. If they get Andrew Weil or Dr. Oz to mumble something about wellness pizza there will be huge lines in New York City, San Francisco, and Portland.

But you will need to move quick. They are only test marketing the cauliflower crust through Feb. 11.