How resistance genes spread

Do resistance genes actually originate from the microorganisms producing the antibiotic?

Previously unpublished Alemtuzuma trial data shows effects of Multiple Sclerosis drug

The phase III trial datasets of Alemtuzumab have been published and show the drastic response of the immune system in patients with Multiple Sclerosis.

Don't be intimidated: Even one exercise session can have positive brain effects

Exercise can be intimidating. Like not calling your grandmother because you don't want to be berated for not calling for so long, it can be hard to stop. But even if you only exercise once, it can have positive effects on mood, memory, attention, motor/reaction times, and even creativity. Understanding the immediate effects of a single bout of exercise is the first step to understanding how the positive effects of exercise may accrue over time to cause long-lasting changes in select brain circuits.

Human health impact and cost estimates attributed to endocrine disrupting chemicals not evidence-based

Economic papers released in 2015 and 2016 estimated the burden of diseases attributable to exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), also known as environmental estrogens, and experts suspected right away that these calculations were flawed.

Nonetheless, regulatory bodies on both sides of the Atlantic are moving forward with two relatively distinct approaches to identifying and regulating EDCs.

Skyrmions spin in synchronized fashion

Skyrmions spin in synchronized fashion

Skyrmions, quasi-particles first observed in 2009, arise from the collective behavior of electrons in magnetic materials under certain conditions. Due to their spins, the electrons act as tiny magnets where their magnetic poles align with their spins. A phenomenon called the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction (DMI) -- which occurs at the interface between a magnetic layer and a non-magnetic metal -- tilts the spins and arranges them into circular patterns.

These circular arrangements of spins, which behave collectively like particles, are skyrmions. 

How old are animals? A molecular clock reopens the debate

When did animals evolve on earth? It's a harder question to answer than it might seem. Though fossil embryos suggest a little more than half a billion years ago, fossils are rare, difficult to interpret, and always being replaced by older fossils as paleontologists, biologists and geologists take a multi-disciplinary approach to determining where fossils are most likely to be found.

Increase in extreme Northeast storms occurred as an abrupt shift in 1996

The Northeast has experienced an increase in the number of storms with extreme precipitation, with an increase in extreme Northeast storms in 1996, particularly in the spring and fall, rather than as a steady change over several decades.

With climate change, a warmer atmosphere is able to hold more moisture, which is likely to affect the frequency, intensity and location of extreme precipitation. Understanding historical changes in extreme storms, including in the Northeast, can improve our understanding of future precipitation projections with continued climate change.

How spider silk can help premature babies

How spider silk can help premature babies

A special lung wash (surfactant) used in the care of premature babies could be getting a boost from spider silk. Surfactants help preterm babies by reducing the surface tension in the ends of the respiratory tree (pulmonary alveoli) and allowing them to be inflated at the moment of birth. Curosurf, the most globally widespread drug, is produced by the isolation of proteins from pig lungs, a process that is expensive, complicated and potentially risky.

Sexting isn't a gateway to sex in teens

Sexting isn't a gateway to sex in teens

A joke in The Onion is the lamentations of young men in college who failed to lure actual naked women with posters of naked women. Their inference that led to the experiment was actually sound, but real-life does not always follow reason.

Brown Cow Whole Milk Yogurt Goes Non-GMO Project

It would seem obvious that milk is not a GMO, nor are cows, and therefore pointless for a yogurt company to be "Non-GMO Project Verified", but the pro-GMO market has shown that they are going to buy goods despite a claim on a label and the anti-GMO market...well, it's unclear. General Mills declared Cheerios non-GMO and cereal sales still went down. ConAgra got rid of BPA in cans and people who bought into the myth of endocrine disuptors didn't suddenly buy Chef Boyardee. They had to lay off over 1,000 people later the same year. Yet companies continue to pay for this certification.