Anaerobic carbon-neutral renewable methane debuts in Southern California

CR&R Environmental is building a 1.4 mile long 8-inch pipeline to connect its CR&R anaerobic digestion facility in Perris, California to Southern California Gas Co. and that natural gas will be designated specifically to power CR&R’s fleet of approximately 900 waste hauling trucks.

CR&R’s Perris anaerobic digester will use source-separated organic waste collected in cities’ green collection carts to produce carbon-neutral renewable methane. This gas will then be further refined using pollution-free technology and distributed through SoCalGas’s pipeline infrastructure. The company claims itsPerris digestion facility is the largest in the world. Though natural gas is popular in other states, California currently frowns on it. This alternative uses organic waste and the company claims California could produce almost 300 billion cubic feet of renewable natural gas per year, enough to power 2 to 3 million homes or to replace 75 percent of all the diesel fuel used by motor vehicles in California, if all the waste were utilized in this fashion


SoCalGas expects it will be bringing this renewable gas from the facility into its pipelines by June. Like all natural gas, it can be used to fuel heavy-duty trucks, generate electricity, or fuel heating systems.