Inside DayGlo: A video tour of the world's most colorful factory

Posted By News On January 8, 2013 - 8:30pm

A new American Chemical Society (ACS) video provides a behind-the-scenes-look at the DayGlo Color Corp. factory, producer of the fluorescent paints that light up traffic cones, black light posters, hula-hoops and other products. The video, the latest episode of the award-winning Bytesize Science series from the world's largest scientific society, is at

Inside DayGlo opens with a brief history of the company, which has been designated as an ACS National Historic Chemical Landmark, and continues with an in-depth look inside its main production facility in Cleveland, Ohio. From huge, colorful vats of liquid plastic to microscopic particles of pigment, the video reveals the fascinating processes involved in making fluorescent paints.

Unlike traditional colors, fluorescent colors have a unique property: They absorb both visible and invisible forms of light like ultraviolet, producing intense colors that appear to glow, even in daylight. These eye-catching, vibrant colors have worked their way into product packaging, safety equipment, toys and countless other commercial products.

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