Combined therapy of acne medications offers new treatment option for patients

Posted By News On March 14, 2012 - 3:30pm
Combined therapy of acne medications offers new treatment option for patients

DETROIT – A combined therapy of common acne medications was shown to be a potent regimen for treating patients with severe facial acne, according to two published studies involving Henry Ford Hospital.

The companion studies found that a therapy of the topical Epiduo Gel containing adapalene and benzoyl peroxide and the antibiotic doxycycline proved more effective at reducing acne lesions compared to other treatment regimens.

Of the 459 patients involved in the study, 76 percent of those who received the regimen of Epiduo Gel and doxycycline as initial therapy for 12 weeks, then Epiduo Gel as maintenance therapy for 24 weeks, showed the highest reduction in acne lesions and 50 percent said it cleared or nearly cleared their acne lesions.

Findings from the studies are published in the February issues of the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology and Journal of Dermatological Treatment. Henry Ford was one of 34 participating sites in the United States and Canada, and the only hospital in Michigan.

Linda Stein Gold, M.D., is the study's co-author and director of Clinical Research of Dermatology at Henry Ford Hospital.

(Photo Credit: Henry Ford Hospital)

Acne is the most common skin disease that affects nearly all adolescents and adults at some time in their lives. While it isn't a life threatening disease, acne can have profound psychological effects on patients, says study co-author and dermatologist Linda Stein Gold, M.D., director of Clinical Research of Dermatology at Henry Ford.

"In adolescents and young adults, acne is associated with compelling psychosocial consequences, including depression and low self-esteem," Dr. Stein Gold says. "This combined therapy regimen gives patients who suffer from severe acne a new treatment option."

The findings are from the Acne Combination Evaluation Study in Severe Patients (ACCESS) I and II clinical studies. The double-blind studies evaluated the safety and effectiveness of combination therapy using the Epiduo Gel with doxycyline, a member of the tetracycline family of antibiotics used to treat infections. Adapalene and benzoyl peroxide contained in the Epiduo Gel are common medications used to fight acne.

Researchers evaluated data from four regimens patients received during 36 weeks of treatment. They were:

  • Epiduo Gel and doxycyline, followed by Epiduo Gel.

  • Placebo and doxycyline, followed by Epiduo Gel.
  • Epiduo Gel and doxycyline, followed by placebo.
  • Placebo and doxycycline, followed by placebo.

Acne medication usually involves the use of antibiotics which have been processed into some kind of ointment. In some cases, dermatologists also
prefer to recommend herbal extracts
cream for those with mild acne

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To cure acne completely, I think you need to combat it externally and internally. While treating your skin externally with the methods mentioned in the article you need to deal with acne internally as well.

For example some diet changes can have a big impact on your acne.
At least it had on my acne.

I think this is great but I also think one has to look into natural ways to prevent acne as well.

Diet, sleep, hydration. All these things will help to have a nice clear complexion. Let's not forget to add the natural health remedies as a way to keep acne away.

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