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It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Let’s Not Get Complacent.

Oct 01 2018 - 16:10

It is important to remember that the progress already made in the field is due to long-term support. But, the job is not finished until people no longer endure this diagnosis and its compounded suffering.

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When Aspirin Goes Bad Is It Bad?

Sep 30 2018 - 19:09

You may have seen warnings that when you smell vinegar coming from your bottle of aspirin it's time to throw it away. But is this really a concern? A few facts you may not know.

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Urine Test Could Diagnose Depression, Anxiety

Sep 29 2018 - 03:09

Depression and anxiety are not always easy to detect. Symptoms can range from worry to chronic indecision. Thus, an easily detectable biomarker for would be preferable, and Chinese scientists believe they have found one using a urine test.

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The True Cost Of End-Of-Life Medical Care

Sep 28 2018 - 08:09

It is a well-known fact that we spend a lot of money on the healthcare of those dying, during the last 12 months of their life. But is that "wasted" money a bad thing?

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Something Rotten at the Journal of Public Health Policy

Sep 27 2018 - 23:09

Some scientific journals are publishing articles by anti-technology activists without disclosing their blatant financial conflicts of interest. Despite all the pleas for transparency, the problem is getting worse.

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Foolish US Drug Policies Keep Making Things Worse - Now It's Meth (Again)

Sep 27 2018 - 15:09

Beginning with Prohibition, all US efforts to control drugs of abuse have made matters worse. Here's another. Meth is back and it's killing more and more people and this was entirely predictable.

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Starbucks' Pseudoscience: The Mermaid Do-Gooder

Sep 27 2018 - 08:09

People want to do what makes them feel good and -- perhaps more importantly -- makes them look righteous in the eyes of others. Going organic and avoiding straws accomplishes that moral grandstanding, and companies are happy to oblige in order to make a buck. And, in the process, the companies also look good. It's a win-win for everyone, except Mother Earth.

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Regulation ≠ Compliance in the EU’s Clinical Trial Registry - Who Is At Fault?

Sep 27 2018 - 07:09

Clinical trial registries are supposed to hold researchers accountable for publishing all results. But who is responsible when they ignore the rules?

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The Legal Weaponization Of The Medical Record

Sep 26 2018 - 16:09

Just because something is documented in the medical chart does not make it more true. How it is conveyed and in what context matter.

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Those Most (and Least) Likely to See a Dermatologist

Sep 26 2018 - 15:09

needs summary

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Glyphosate Bee Death Story Is Bee-S

Sep 26 2018 - 11:09

Glyphosate, presently the world's most hated chemical, has been blamed for just about every ailment in humans and animals. Now a group in Hawaii is claiming that the herbicide is harming bees by altering their gut biome. Is there anything to it?

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