The One Thing Alternative Medicine Gets Right

ACSH - Jun 11 2018 - 11:06

Every time I'm in Poland, I make several trips to our favorite massage therapist. Because of the exchange rate and the lower cost of labor, I can get an hour-long massage for just over $30.

Our massage therapist is also a bit kooky. She opposes much of what I accept, such as genetically modified food, and she believes in alternative medicine of all types, particularly reflexology. When she pinches your toe, she thinks she's fixing your liver, or something.

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Vical’s Herpes Vaccine Bombs. Company To Exit HSV Research

ACSH - Jun 11 2018 - 08:06

Once again, the news is bad for the millions of people who are suffering from herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2), much the same as I reported in September 2017, when Genocea's experimental herpes vaccine GEN-001 was dropped after Phase II clinical trials.

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ConFabulous - 'Smoothing Over' Memory Loss in Alzheimer’s

ACSH - Jun 11 2018 - 06:06

The stories patients with Alzheimer's Disease tell, show us how entwined memory is with our sociability. 

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ConFabulous - “Smoothing Over” Memory Loss in Alzheimer’s

ACSH - Jun 11 2018 - 06:06

The stories patients with Alzheimer's Disease tell, show us how entwined memory is with our sociability. 

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Genetic Testing Isn’t What It Has Been Sold As

ACSH - Jun 11 2018 - 00:06

It is no surprise that controlling your future by stopping the development of medical conditions draws a captive audience. But, is that what genetic testing actually does?

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The Tipping Point

ACSH - Jun 08 2018 - 20:06

The FDA using Tipping Point Analysis to show that an important study of cholesterol-lowering medications is incorrect. Who got it wrong, the FDA or the New England Journal of Medicine that peer-reviewed the work.

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Crimean-Congo: The 'Asian Ebola' Virus

ACSH - Jun 08 2018 - 18:06

Ebola is the most famous of the hemorrhagic fever viruses, but it’s not the only one.

What is commonly called "Ebola" is more specifically the species Zaire ebolavirus, which belongs to the genus Ebolavirus. This group also contains nasty species called Bundibugyo, Sudan, and Taï Forest ebolavirus. Marburgvirus, a separate genus, contains the human pathogenic viruses called Marburg and Ravn. These diseases are largely limited to Africa.

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Teen Pregnancy Rate Falls to All-Time Low in Minnesota

ACSH - Jun 08 2018 - 14:06

Continuing a positive trend that's in its third decade, pregnancy rates in the state for teens aged 15 to 19 have again fallen, dropping 5% to a level never before reached. And among other encouraging news, Minnesota's teen pregnancy rate has plummeted nearly 71% since 1990.

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A Thirdhand Smoke Screen of Fear

ACSH - Jun 08 2018 - 08:06

Nowadays, some folks are raising alarm about third hand smoke—residual chemicals, essentially particulate matter, left on indoor surfaces by tobacco smoke. The claim is that residues from smoking can be absorbed through the skin, ingested and inhaled months and even years after the smoke has dissipated. The alarmists say that just because you're in a non-smoking environment, it doesn't mean you aren't exposed to harmful tobacco products. (1)

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IARC Is Changing Its Preamble But Will That Mean A Change In Its Credibility?

ACSH - Jun 08 2018 - 07:06

Last month, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which operates under the auspices of the U.N. World Health Organisation, announced it would solicit comments from interested parties prior to holding an Advisory Group meeting in November to propose revisions to its Preamble.

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Doctors are Not Victims

ACSH - Jun 08 2018 - 03:06

We understand that patients may be victims of medical error. But should physicians also consider themselves victims when the medical failure results in disability and death?

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Food Fad Debunked: Milk Doesn't Cause Obesity In Kids

ACSH - Jun 07 2018 - 17:06

It's impossible to live in the modern world and not be exposed to some food fad or another. The Ketogenic Diet, the Alkaline Diet, the Raw Foods Diet, the Dukan Diet, Whole30 - and that is just in the last year. Pick a fad diet and if you are in the nutrition sphere you can guess what year it happened. Try it yourself: wheat belly, grain brain, and paleo.

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Astronauts, Seeking Better Sleep, Change the Lights to Mimic the Sun

ACSH - Jun 07 2018 - 12:06

Astronauts on the international space station have been removing standard fluorescent lighting and installing light emitting diode, or LED, fixtures. Instead of having just an on/off switch, each fixture has three settings that simulate natural light, as well as the sun's changing intensities during its daily arc through the sky. 

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99.99% Of The Pesticides We Eat Are Made By Plants

ACSH - Jun 07 2018 - 11:06

People are terrified of pesticides. This makes places like Whole Foods very happy. But the truth about pesticides would terrify Whole Foods. Their produce is loaded with pesticides made by the plant for protection from predators. Should you be worried about the 0.01% of synthetic pesticide residues or the 99.99% of natural pesticides, which as just as likely to be carcinogenic as the synthetics. 

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Dr Oz, America's Quack, Endorses Astrology

ACSH - Jun 07 2018 - 06:06

Dr. Oz is what would happen if Alex Jones and Mother Jones had a baby.

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How Whale ‘Blow’ And Drones Can Inform On Emerging Disease

ACSH - Jun 06 2018 - 20:06

With drones, discovery in science and medicine makes the sky, and now the sea, the limit.

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Don't Blame Wheat Breeding for Celiac, Gluten Sensitivity

ACSH - Jun 06 2018 - 18:06

A new paper provides solid evidence that the cause of the apparent uptick in celiac disease cases is not due to wheat breeding. So, the search for the real cause continues.

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A Shifting Parenting Paradigm?

ACSH - Jun 06 2018 - 04:06

Parenting by guidelines and legislation is missing the big picture.

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Taking The Training Wheels Off For Doctors In Training

ACSH - Jun 06 2018 - 03:06

Does closer supervision of doctors in training result in greater patient safety? Does it make for better physicians? It seems that it's all about the stress and anxiety of taking off training wheels.

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For Pain Care Race Shouldn't Matter. But It Does

ACSH - Jun 05 2018 - 19:06

The CDC 2106 *mandate* for prescribing of opioids has resulted in an indiscriminate hardship against millions of chronic pain patients. Or has it? The term "indiscriminate" is actually inaccurate. All pain patients are treated terribly but black and Hispanic patients are treated even worse since they are disproportionately affected by Sickle Cell Disease, a horribly painful killer. Do patients with a known, easily-diagnosed disease get a break with pain relief? No, it's quite the opposite. Disgraceful. 

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