2017 top science news release breaks EurekAlert!'s all-time record

IMAGE: The ninth most popular release featured an image showing where transits of the planets in our solar system can be observed.

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The 10 most popular news releases on EurekAlert! in 2017 are:

Scientist invents way to trigger artificial photosynthesis to clean air (898,848)
University of Central Florida, Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Migratory birds bumped off schedule as climate change shifts spring (484,976)
Florida Museum of Natural History, Scientific Reports

Gene therapy treats muscle-wasting disease in dogs (339,099)
University of Washington Health Sciences/UW Medicine, Molecular Therapy

America's youngest children most likely to live in poor economic conditions (333,716)
Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health

New research helps organizations deliver stronger diversity training (288,700)
University at Buffalo, Psychological Bulletin

In young bilingual children 2 languages develop simultaneously but independently (268,129)
Florida Atlantic University, Developmental Science

Watching birds near your home is good for your mental health -- official (247,763)
University of Exeter, BioScience

Fruits and vegetables' latest superpower? Lowering blood pressure (140,145)
University of Southern California - Health Sciences, American Journal of Physiology - Endocrinology and Metabolism

Are we being watched? Tens of other worlds could spot the Earth (134,271)
Royal Astronomical Society, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

Scientists find key to regenerating blood vessels (132,145)
Sanford-Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, Nature Communications

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Most shared

Three of the five most-shared releases are also among the most-visited, including a report showing that "more American children are living in poverty today than at the height of the Great Recession."

Also popular on social media is a release describing new techniques used to reveal the gender of a mid-10th century Viking warrior, whose iconic grave was excavated in the 1880s.

IMAGE: The second most-shared release included an image showing a reconstruction of how the grave with the woman may have looked.

Credit: The illustration is made by Þórhallur Þráinsson (© Neil Price).