SAGE buys Royal Society of Medicine journals

Posted By News On November 26, 2012 - 3:31pm

Los Angeles, CA (23rd November, 2012) – The academic and professional publisher SAGE, has announced an agreement with the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) to acquire its journals. 28 titles formerly published by the Royal Society of Medicine Press will now be published by SAGE.

The Royal Society of Medicine is one of the largest providers of continuing medical education in the UK, reaching medical professionals and students from around the world.

"After a decade of growth across clinical medicine, this agreement marks SAGE out as a major medical publisher," said Ziyad Marar, Global Publishing Director, SAGE. "The confidence of the Royal Society of Medicine in entrusting SAGE with the development of their own journals as well as several society relationships recognises SAGE's strengths as a collaborative publishing partner, one that is aligned with the goals of scholarship and education, and able to combine the reach of a larger publisher with the care and personal approach of a smaller press."

The RSM portfolio publishes articles on primary research and clinical practice across a broad range of disciplines, including infectious disease, health practice, women's health and vascular medicine. SAGE will embark upon a program of digitizing all archives of the journals wherever possible back to Volume 1, Issue 1. Many of these digital backfiles will thus be made available for the first time.

"We are thrilled to welcome these journals to SAGE. They represent some of the very best medical research internationally, and through the publication of valuable original research and opinion pieces, help to support the improvement of human health globally," said Tessa Picknett, Executive Director for STM Journals, SAGE. "By leveraging SAGE's global reach and international sales and marketing presence, we aim to substantially increase the profile, visibility and accessibility of these important titles."

Ian Balmer, Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Medicine, commented: "Our primary concern has been to guarantee the long-term future of the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine and the other journals published by RSM Press. The sale of our journal titles to SAGE and the long-term licensing agreement for the JRSM assures future stability during what we know is a time of great change for the publishing industry. SAGE will be in a strong position to provide the investment required to develop JRSM."

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