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Well-Done Meat Better For Older Folks

Nov 06 2017 - 11:11

If you're inviting gramps over for a steak dinner, don't give him the rare part. French researchers found that protein from beef is best assimilated by older folks when it's well-done.

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'The Lancet' Praises Karl Marx in Bizarre Editorial

Nov 06 2017 - 08:11

It is time to call out academia's fascination with Karl Marx for what it really is: a pernicious form of historical revisionism that is nearly identical to Holocaust denial.

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ACSH Explains: What Is A Chemical Reaction?

Nov 06 2017 - 07:11

Chemical reactions are responsible for life as well as all the products that we use during our lives. But there are some common misconceptions about reactions, especially that the product of a chemical reaction retains the properties of the reactant(s). This misconception is the basis for many phony chemical scares. Here's why it is wrong.

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