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King Stannis Baratheon: The Personification Of Redox Chemistry

Oct 03 2017 - 21:10

As great as is it, who would have expected Game of Thrones to be fodder for a chemistry lesson about electrons, oxidation, reduction, and tin. But it is, thanks to (former) King Stannis Baratheon. Whoever said that chemistry wasn't magic?

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The Good News About Breast Cancer

Oct 03 2017 - 18:10

According to a new report from the American Cancer Society, deaths attributable to breast cancer have decreased by 39 percent, which means that 322,600 fewer deaths have been claimed by this terrible disease. Improvements in mortality rates were observed in all races and ethnicities.

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Obesity Linked To 40 Percent Of Cancers

Oct 03 2017 - 16:10

CDC notes that obesity-related cancers are now 40 percent of all cancers diagnosed. When scaremongering groups insisted chemicals were the problem, we noted this was happening.

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Cuban Diplomats Expelled Following Mysterious 'Sonic Attack'

Oct 03 2017 - 15:10

The rapprochement with Cuba appears to be short-lived.

Today, the Trump Administration expelled 15 Cuban diplomats due to the mysterious "sonic attack" against nearly two dozen American diplomats and staffers in Havana. According to the New York Times, Secretary of State Tillerson says the expulsion is "due to Cuba's failure to take appropriate steps to protect our diplomats."

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The Gender Disparity of Physician Income has a Market Solution

Oct 03 2017 - 11:10

Women are underpaid because, in the workplace, they are not considered equal to their male colleagues. They come with other needs, most significantly from an economic point of view, a need for flexible hours and a penalty is being assessed. The marketplace is already reducing the disparity for other healthcare workers without legislation, regulations or policies. The same forces are at work for physicians.

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How Much Worse Can It Get For NHS? Chief Inspector Says ‘Not Fit For 21st Century’

Oct 03 2017 - 07:10

The bad news just keeps coming out of England with respect to the state of the National Health Service (NHS) and its rapidly eroding quality of care. Most recently, Professor Ted Baker-- the new chief hospital inspector-- declared it was “not fit for the 21st century.”

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Is Air Pollution Killing Millions? Not in the United States of America

Oct 02 2017 - 19:10

Every so often, the media likes to warn us that we're all dying from air pollution.

Headlines like, "Air Pollution 'Kills 7 Million People a Year'" are common and repeated like a morose version of the childhood game "Telephone." Predictably, that leads to calls for tighter environmental regulations, and anyone who disagrees is labeled an Earth-hating, cancer-loving industry shill.

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Tom Petty, Mainstay Rocker, Dies at 66 after Cardiac Arrest

Oct 02 2017 - 17:10

Tom Petty, the rock 'n roll guitarist who first gained fame in the late 1970's with his band, The Heartbreakers, and maintained his popularity ever since, went into cardiac arrest before dying Monday night. But what is cardiac arrest, and how does differ from a heart attack? We explain.

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Tom Petty, Popular Musical Mainstay, Dies at 66 after Cardiac Arrest

Oct 02 2017 - 17:10

Tom Petty, the rock 'n roll guitarist who first gained fame in the late 1970's with his band, The Heartbreakers, and maintained his popularity ever since, was hospitalized after a cardiac arrest. He died Monday night at the age of 66. But what is cardiac arrest, and how does differ from a heart attack? We explain.

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Tom Petty Hospitalized After Cardiac Arrest

Oct 02 2017 - 17:10

It is a sad day for family and fans of musician Tom Petty. The legendary rocker was hospitalized after a cardiac arrest.

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Baseball Ticket Price Must Include Essential Safety Measure

Oct 02 2017 - 15:10

A little girl sitting near the field at Yankee Stadium got hit in the face with a baseball travelling 105 miles an hour. This type of tragedy doesn't occur frequently, but when it does the results are catastrophic. And the solution – protective netting – is simple and extremely effective. It's time that all teams enact this public safety measure prior to the start of next season.

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Marathon Lessons from a Novice: Why the Race is 26.2 Miles Long

Oct 02 2017 - 13:10

During the long runs that we have been doing to train for our upcoming marathon, we have had some time to think. It led us to wonder - why is the marathon 26.2 miles? Here, we tell the story of how this distance started and why it has continued. 

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Marathon Lessons from a Novice: Why is the Length of a Marathon 26.2 miles?

Oct 02 2017 - 13:10

As I mentioned in previous articles in this series - "Marathon Lessons From A Novice" - I am running my first marathon in five weeks (gulp.) 

I have been a recreational runner for many years now and have completed multiple half marathons along the way. But, what sets a marathon apart is, obviously, it's length - 26.2 miles is a long run.

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"Speed Trap" Has A New Meaning: Instant Detection Of Amphetamines in Urine

Oct 02 2017 - 11:10

OK, this article is going to start off sounding boring, perhaps painfully so. If not for the three Dexies (1) I just popped I doubt I'd even be able to finish the wretched thing. Please bear with me. There is some very cool stuff coming up, but I not gonna share the Dexies. You're on your own.

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A Cuban Mystery, NPR's Marijuana and More Media Outreach Last Week

Oct 02 2017 - 06:10

1. I forgot to link to our article in The Telegraph last month. We are the American Council on Science and Health, but since America leads the world in science output, Nobel prizes and adult science literacy, our scope is truly international.

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The Surprising History of Peer Review

Oct 02 2017 - 04:10

Peer review has been around since I can remember, but that doesn’t shed light on its history that features interactions with the technology and forms of sharing information, with censorship, the rise and fall of generalists and polymaths and concerns about marketing. To ignore peer review’s past is to miss both an exciting tale of connections and a understanding of the conflicted views we have about peer review today.

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The Optimal Length for an Opioid Prescription - The Crowd Speaks

Sep 30 2017 - 05:09

At last, a bit of science in the form of observational data, that can more meaningly inform guidelines for prescribing opioids (at least by surgeons) than the unsupported advice of the CDC. 

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Why the Flu Shot Won't (and Can't) Give you the Flu

Sep 29 2017 - 22:09

It's that time of year again. Yup - time to get the flu shot. In case you are wondering when is the best time to get your flu shot, please read here

Every year, the medical community emphasizes the importance of getting the flu vaccine. And, every year the same excuses pop up as to why people are not going to do it. But, the one excuse that I simply cannot hear anymore is that the flu shot will give someone the flu. 

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Sonochemical Synthesis: Did Life Originate Inside Collapsing Bubbles?

Sep 29 2017 - 19:09

The origin of life is a profound mystery. Once life arose, natural selection and evolution took over, but the question of how a mixture of various gases created life-giving molecules that arranged into structures capable of reproducing themselves remains unanswered.

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How Zika Evolved into a Raging Psycho

Sep 29 2017 - 17:09

Zika virus has been around since at least 1947 causing mild symptoms.  All of a sudden it went full beast mode and started causing shrinking heads in babies and other terrible neurological outcomes.  Scientists may have figured out one little amino acid could responsible for flipping the script.

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