Environmental Working Group Abandons Independent Pretense And Puts Another Industry Executive On Its Board

ACSH - Mar 06 2018 - 16:03

Environmental Working Group, which promotes fear and doubt about the (non-organic) American food supply each year with its so-called Dirty Dozen list, tries to pretend they are not industry-driven. But they are totally industry-driven, they just engage in meaningless anti-science virtue signaling while doing so. 

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Kidney Transplants From Hep C Infected Donors - Amazing

ACSH - Mar 06 2018 - 13:03

There is a perennial shortage of donated kidneys in this country. But the donor pool just got larger. The 3+ million people in the US who are infected with the hepatitis C virus could not be donors. Now, thanks to incredible new drugs, infected kidneys can be successfully transplanting. Give the pharmaceutical industry a tip of the hat for this miracle. 

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Should Medical Textbook Authors Have To Disclose Industry Payments?

ACSH - Mar 06 2018 - 13:03

A newly published study thinks the answer to this question, Should authors of premier medical textbooks be required to disclose industry payments or patents?, is yes. But, is it?

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Super CRISPR Wheat

ACSH - Mar 06 2018 - 13:03

Wheat is the second most important food crop in the developing world. It's not just in pasta, either. Wheat is found in more food than you can imagine (1). Like corn and soy, we need it, and lots of it. 

But, contrary to what you may think, GMO wheat is not sold or used. In fact, although seed companies have produced it, GMO wheat is not grown commercially for a myriad of different reasons, most of which are for another story on another day. 

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Election Polls Improved with One Question: Who Will Your Friends Vote For?

ACSH - Mar 05 2018 - 22:03

Pollsters have taken a beating the last few years. Getting Brexit and the 2016 U.S. presidential election wrong were spectacular failures that shook the public's faith in prediction models.

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No, Modern Furniture Is Not Burning 8X Faster In A House Fire

ACSH - Mar 05 2018 - 14:03

Despite claims that organic furniture is less likely to kill you in a house fire, chemicals have a track record of making your safer.

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The Mystery of the Paralyzed Children. Case Solved?

ACSH - Mar 05 2018 - 13:03

You may remember a mystery that had health officials and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) perplexed a few summers back. We covered the story here

During the summer of 2012, people (mostly children) in California were getting sick and some, as a result, were becoming paralyzed. This had not been seen since the introduction of the polio vaccine in 1955. 

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Almost All Anti-GMO Articles In The US Are "Clickbait" Promoted By Russian Propaganda Sites

ACSH - Mar 05 2018 - 12:03

At Iowa State University Crop Bioengineering Center's annual meeting, a team of scholars showed their research validating what the scientific community has long suspected - that some anti-GMO groups are either sending information to Russian propaganda sites to assist in their efforts to undermine American agricultural dominance or they are acting as what Joseph Stalin called "useful idiots" by promoting concern about Americ

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Earth Sciences Provide Insights Into Tooth Decay

ACSH - Mar 05 2018 - 10:03

Oral bacteria attack teeth in more ways than we knew. Bacteria that sequester phosphate in the ocean also do so in the mouth. Since phosphate is an integral component of enamel its removal can weaken the teeth and make decay more likely. Keep flossing, folks!

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We're Doomed: Standing Desks As Bad As Sitting, Study Says

ACSH - Mar 05 2018 - 09:03

Standing desks are all the rage; after all, we all know sitting is bad for your health. But now, recent studies suggest standing desks could be the biggest sham ever. Say it ain't so!

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New Guidelines for Managing Diabetes Tries to Re-Balance Harms and Benefits

ACSH - Mar 05 2018 - 08:03

The allure of evidence-based medicine is that it sounds so objective, free of bias, free of judgment. But the ACP evidence-based recommendations are at their core a subjective judgment, a balancing act of tradeoffs. 

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NYT's Nicholas Kristof Would Flunk an 8th Grade Science Test

ACSH - Mar 03 2018 - 07:03

Veteran New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof fancies himself an expert in chemistry and toxicology. Chemists and toxicologists disagree.

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Grass Fed Cows And Better Milk: Is Industry Funding A Bad Thing When It's An Organic Corporation?

ACSH - Mar 02 2018 - 16:03

A new paper which claims that cows fed "organic" grass provide nutritionally superior milk is sure to set off cheers among the organic customer base who have long wanted to believe that buying organic was not just a process choice, but a health one. There is just one problem.

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Missed for Decades, 1.5 Million Penguins Found in Antarctica

ACSH - Mar 02 2018 - 15:03

Biologists studying animal life on Antarctica believed that a particular species of penguin was in peril, undergoing a precipitous population decline since the 1970s.

New findings, however, show a massive discovery of the black-and-white seabirds – mainly because researchers missed looking on one group of islands on the tip of the continental peninsula. 

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BPA Safety-Deniers' Last Gasp (And It's Really Lame)

ACSH - Mar 02 2018 - 15:03

As astounding amount of time and money have wasted studying bisphenol A, a plastic component, which has been used for 60 years. Now the FDA has issued a report confirming what we already know - the stuff is not hazardous. But some academics cannot let it go and their reasoning for further studies just doesn't cut it.  Enough already.

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Is There A Magic Formula for Scientific Innovation?

ACSH - Mar 02 2018 - 08:03

Using data on scientific citations and impact, a group of scientists reflect on what makes for innovative science hoping to craft a formula.

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An Unexpected Gene Important in Brain Infection

ACSH - Mar 02 2018 - 07:03

For most children, an infection with a virus like herpes simplex or influenza (the flu) will cause the typical symptoms and run its course.  

But, for about one out in every 10,000 people who are exposed to these common viruses, a potentially deadly disease, encephalitis, develops. Encephalitis, inflammation of the brain, is caused by the viruses ability to invade the brainstem. But, why does this happen to a small subset of otherwise healthy children? 

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Eating Raw Meat Is Flunking IQ Test

ACSH - Mar 01 2018 - 21:03

Pigs have their noses constantly in the mud, and they eat just about anything. It's not a surprise, therefore, that they carry potentially dangerous infections. Raising the pig yourself and naming it Oinker doesn't mean the pig will be more hygienic than any other pig.

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Can’t Get To Your Doctor’s Visit? Uber Wants In

ACSH - Mar 01 2018 - 15:03

Newly launched Uber Health hopes to make a dent in access to health care for the 3.6 million Americans who delay or miss medical appointments due to transportation problems resulting in $150 billion losses annually.

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If Johnny Can't Read It Could Be His Eyes: Even If He Has 20/20 Vision

ACSH - Mar 01 2018 - 11:03

An elementary school child who has difficulty reading is likely to have his or her eyesight checked and if the results come back as 20/20, it might be assumed that the eyes aren't the problem. But recent research suggests even kids who make that particular grade may still have an eye-related problem, and different testing procedures are in order.

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