Conflict of Interest At Core of Viral Video Arrest of Nurse Refusing Blood Draw On Unconscious Patient

ACSH - Sep 01 2017 - 15:09

A disturbing video (start at minute 4:55) went viral of Utah nurse Alex Wubbels being handcuffed, while screaming as she tried to do her job. The images obtained from University Hospital and Detective Jeff Payne's body cameras reveal the standoff. At issue: if the police officer could obtain a blood sample from her patient who was hurt from a July 26 collision that involved a fatality. 

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Fruit And Veggies Beneficial For Heart Health, But Carbs Aren't. What?

ACSH - Sep 01 2017 - 12:09

Results of a recent prospective study of food intake in 18 countries —including North and South America, Europe, and Asia — reports that an increased intake of fruits, vegetables and legumes is associated with a lower risk of death. But the same study was analyzed to see what effect different dietary nutrients might have and found that it's carbs, not fat that seem to be dietary villains.

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A Historic Moment For Cancer Research

ACSH - Aug 31 2017 - 23:08

When it comes to cancer breakthroughs, there have not been many announcements as big as the one made this week by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration - the approval of the first gene therapy for cancer available in the United States. 

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Nevada Is About to Learn that Fentanyl Is an Effective Way to Kill People

ACSH - Aug 31 2017 - 21:08

Whether one supports or opposes the death penalty, the debate should be based upon ethics and morality informed by evidence-based biomedical science, not distortions and half-truths.

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La Leche League Message for Harvey Victims A Bit Disconnected

ACSH - Aug 31 2017 - 14:08

"Perfect" infant feeding should not be the enemy of the good in messaging during disasters like hurricane Harvey.

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Phonies' Photo Finish: Rampant Track Doping vs. Buried Study Revealing It

ACSH - Aug 31 2017 - 13:08

What's more disturbing: The revelation that roughly a third of the athletes at the 2011 track world championships were doping – undetected – or that it took six years for the news of such a remarkable breakdown to become public? If this was a race, using the sport's parlance, you might say they'd break the tape simultaneously. 

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Houston Doesn't Have Enough Problems? Now Explosive Organic Peroxides

ACSH - Aug 31 2017 - 11:08

The old saw, "when it rains it pours," doesn't even begin to do justice to the catastrophic flooding that has devastated much of Houston. The very last thing the city needs is an additional problem, especially a chemical explosion due to the impact of the flood. But the city may be facing just that, and it's all because of a known chemical reaction—the spontaneous decomposition of a class of compounds called organic peroxides. 

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Will Facebook Decide Which News Is Fake?

ACSH - Aug 30 2017 - 20:08

Like North Korea, everybody agrees that fake news is a big problem. But also like the Hermit Kingdom, nobody really knows what to do about it.

Facebook, a site from which a substantial number of people acquire their daily news, has decided that pages that post fake stories will be banned from advertising. That's a perfectly fine decision, but it raises a bigger and more profound question: Who decides which news is fake? Mark Zuckerberg?

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FDA Gives Homeopathic Teething Company Something to Suck On

ACSH - Aug 30 2017 - 13:08

Homeopathic products look just like the medicines they are placed next to on the shelves. However, when it comes to how these products are made - they are vastly different.

This is being brought to center stage through an investigation by FDA into Raritan Pharmaceuticals. If that name sounds familiar, it's because they are one of the companies involved in the homeopathic teething products scandal that allegedly resulted in the illnesses and deaths of infants.

The inspections resulted in two warning letters sent to the company. 

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Kids Get Asthma From An Organic Farm Chemical Pesticide- Huh???

ACSH - Aug 30 2017 - 07:08

Hands, please. How many of you think that organic produce is grown without pesticides or other chemicals? OK, you're all wrong. A study from California shows that kids who live near farms that use sulfur (a chemical and a pesticide) have more asthma. Guess what? Sulfur is a chemical, and it is used in organic farming. So are dozens of other chemicals, some of which are quite toxic. There's even an antibiotic on the list. Tsk tsk. The things they don't want you to know. 

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Bundled payments for surgery - Will they reduce healthcare costs?

ACSH - Aug 30 2017 - 06:08

Bundled payment for health care is being presented as a fix to rising costs. What makes up the bundle of services provided and can they really save us money? A new study in JAMA Surgery sheds some light.

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On E-Cigarettes, CDC Should Learn from UK's NHS

ACSH - Aug 29 2017 - 22:08

E-cigarettes are "effective in helping people quit smoking" and "95% safer than smoking."* Additionally, there are "no health risks to bystanders."

What evil, conniving, greedy, Big Tobacco-loving, propaganda-spewing group of shills says that? The UK's National Health Service (NHS).

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The Pregnancy Diaries: Those With Most Exposure To Baby Need Up-To-Date Shots

ACSH - Aug 29 2017 - 14:08

As ACSH's Ana Dolaskie approaches the final weeks of pregnancy, she is making sure all her vaccinations are up-to-date. This includes the TDAP vaccine (Tetanus-Diphtheria-Pertussis) and influenza shot. And she also wants to makes sure dads, partners, and others who are spending time with baby understand why getting vaccinated is key in protecting a newborn baby against potentially life-threatening illnesses, like pertussis (whooping cough).


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Slow Walking Indicator of Heart-Related Death, Study Finds

ACSH - Aug 29 2017 - 12:08

If you're middle-aged and admittedly someone who usually walks slowly, here's something to consider as you stroll, as well as some preventative action you may want to take. 

That advice for intervention stems from a new, large observational study that discovered an association between slow-walking adults and "all-cause and cardiovascular mortality within the general population."

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Tuberculosis and Diagnostic Challenges

ACSH - Aug 29 2017 - 12:08

Rapid and accurate detection of a tuberculosis infection in a patient still remains a challenge in our healthcare system.  Developing an assay that is able to definitively diagnose TB that is cheap should be high on our priority list, especially, as we see increases in the prevalence of TB annually.

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40 Years Ago, GMO Insulin Was Controversial Also

ACSH - Aug 29 2017 - 12:08

It may seem like olden days to Millennials, but the late 1970s were a lot like today. America was divided due to an unpopular President, gas was expensive, the movie industry was at death's door...and genetic engineering was a big concern.

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Endorphins Alone Can't Be Blamed For Over-Eating

ACSH - Aug 29 2017 - 11:08

Endorphins, those opiate-type neurotransmitters are involved in sensations such as runners' high — as well as other situations in which pleasurable feelings are thought to increase the likliehood that a person will repeat an activity. Since eating also increases endorphins, it's been suggested that they might also be responsible for repeated eating sessions — e.g. overeating, which leads to obesity. But a recent study fails to uphold that hypothesis.

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If Seattle Smokers Follow King County's Health Advice, They Will Die

ACSH - Aug 28 2017 - 20:08

The King County Health Department, which serves mostly the city of Seattle and its suburbs, has recently earned a reputation for being driven by politics rather than by evidence-based medicine or common sense.

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Canadian Health System, Like UK, 'Stretched To Max Capacity'

ACSH - Aug 28 2017 - 17:08

As highest quality of care continues not to be the emphasis in the health care debate— let alone be on par with discussions around access, Canadian health systems remain in the spotlight. This time, multiple hospitals in southern Ontario shut their doors to the sickest of babies. 

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STEM Programs Get a Well Deserved Boost

ACSH - Aug 28 2017 - 13:08

A lot of people talk about increasing STEM programming for young people, especially in underrepresented populations. But, few of us actually walk the walk. Well, the same cannot be said for The Society for Science & the Public. Recently, they lent their support to five organizations through their STEM Action Grants Program.

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